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retained sponges

The impact of a retained surgical sponge is felt by the caregivers, the facility, and the patient.

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Operating rooms are hectic by nature. With many staff, interruptions and emergencies, the manual sponge counting process, on paper, accounts for the steps and protocols to prevent retained surgical sponges, but manual processes are prone to human error.

Distraction, multi-tasking, and time pressure or emergencies can result in discrepant or false correct counts or a retained surgical sponge.



Our goal is zero retained sponges

SafeAir Compact






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contact your local rep
Device 7
Top to bottom just in front of "cut" button
Side to side
Tip of the needle to end of pencil
Without tubing or wire
Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir
0.488 in
0.488 in
7.50 in
14 gm
0.49 oz

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Now with EHR connectivity, SurgiCount integrates with your workflow more seamlessly than ever

Positive outcomes start at zero

Positive outcomes start at zero

Positive outcomes start at zero

Real-time assurance

  • Each sponge/towel is individually barcoded for 100% verification, so every sponge counted out are the exact ones counted in.
  • Reconciliations throughout case for status of each sponge at any point in time.

Technology that grows with you

  • WiFi capability enables real-time data transfer to server (hard-wired dock configuration also available)
  • Expandable technology platform applicable well into the future

SurgiCount Universal Reporting Tool (URT)

  • Database enables endless report customizations from individual cases to aggregated data
  • Demonstrates compliance to hospital policy or third-party best practices
  • Provides post-op accounting of each uniquely-identified sponge



Journey to zero retained sponges

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