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surgical smoke

As you journey towards zero harm for your operative team, identifying smoke evacuation solutions to meet every clinician’s and case demands can be daunting.

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One study revealed that perioperative nurses have twice the incidence of some respiratory problems compared with the general population and inhale an equivalent of 27 cigarettes in an 8-hour day in the OR.1

Change this outcome by going smoke-free with our expansive suite of smoke evacuation products. We pride ourselves on implementation excellence to help you realize your goal of zero smoke in the operating room.

11 retained sponges occur every single day. 1

It can take 10 or more minutes to find a missing sponge. 2

Blood loss is considered a “guesstimate.” 3

41% of a nurse’s workday is spent charting. 4


Neptune SafeAir

Our goal is zero smoke

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SafeAir Pencils

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Device 7
Top to bottom just in front of "cut" button
Side to side
Tip of the needle to end of pencil
Without tubing or wire
Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir
0.488 in
0.488 in
7.50 in
14 gm
0.49 oz

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SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil vs Standard Pencil

Protects by nature,

comfortable by design

Protects by nature,

comfortable by design

Protects by nature,

comfortable by design

Protects by nature,

comfortable by design


  • Preserves surgeon’s natural technique via lightweight, ergonomic dimensions
  • Helps to maintain a clear operative site.
  • The Standard Neptune SafeAir Smoke Evacuation Pencil is an ergonomic, slim, lightweight pencil compared to others on the market.8


  • Integrates with existing monopolar electrosurgical generators and smoke evacuation systems
  • Eliminates the need for nurse with smoke tube; frees up space at the table to assist

Safety and satisfaction

  • Helps reduce exposure to smoke-related biohazards9
  • Fulfills guidelines and recommendations of AORN, Joint commission, OSHA, NIOSH/CDC, ECRI, ANSI10,11
Count and scan with confidence
Accurately quantify blood loss
Save time searching for missing sponges
Simplify workflow and streamline processes

SafeAir Pencils

SafeAir Pencils

Count us in on supporting a safer OR. Count us in on certainty when you need it most. Count us in on helping make zero retained surgical sponges the reality for you, your staff and your patients.



Journey to zero surgical smoke

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Supporting your journey towards standardized Safe OR solutions.

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A one page brochure stating the major contents, risks, and hazards surgical smoke has

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