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Exposure to harmful contaminants and pathogens has long been an accepted risk of the calling of dedicated healthcare professionals. When an O.R. nurse invented the first generation of Neptune two decades ago, she set in motion a new standard of care for safe suction and the containment of surgical fluid.

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Neptune is the only constantly closed waste management system on the market, where constant containment of surgical fluid, smoke, and airborne pathogens is possible. Filtration comes standard with Neptune’s fully integrated HEPA and ULPA filters.

Alongside Neptune’s beloved simple workflow and consistent suction, Neptune constantly works to protect you from suctioned pathogens.

11 retained sponges occur every single day. 1

It can take 10 or more minutes to find a missing sponge. 2

Blood loss is considered a “guesstimate.” 3

41% of a nurse’s workday is spent charting. 4


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Our goal is zero splash & spills

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Neptune Floor Fluid Disposables

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Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir
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0.488 in
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SafeAir Accessories

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See it in action

See how Neptune’s patented SealShut™ Technology locks away suctioned biohazards to make it the only constantly closed system on the market, giving you peace of mind.

Safe by design

Safe by design

Safe by design

Safe by design


  • Neptune offers hands-free disposable, no day-before canister prep and storage.
  • Patient-to-patient use with the quick change of a manifold.
  • Faster room turnover.
  • 24L of fluid capacity.

Two-in-one solution

  • Widely installed across O.R.’s, Neptune offers a comprehensive, readily-available fluid suction and smoke evacuation system.
  • Neptune's filters meet or exceed IEST and EN standards. Typical HEPA filtration efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns. Typical ULPA filtration of 99.9997% efficiency at 0.1 microns and additional testing verifies that efficiency increases to 100% at 0.01 microns.5, 6


  • Patented SealShut™ technology locks away suctioned biohazards.
  • Designed by Stryker’s world-class engineers. Crucial Neptune components are patented and meticulously regulated to ensure safe, consistent, reliable suction.
  • Each canister is controlled by a separate regulator valve designed to maintain the canister’s suction level at the user selected limit setting.
  • Multiple suction range indicators show whether you are in low, medium or high suction
Count and scan with confidence
Accurately quantify blood loss
Save time searching for missing sponges
Simplify workflow and streamline processes

Neptune Floor Fluid Disposables

Neptune Floor Fluid Disposables

Count us in on supporting a safer OR. Count us in on certainty when you need it most. Count us in on helping make zero retained surgical sponges the reality for you, your staff and your patients.



Journey to zero splash & spills

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