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drug diversion

Each day, pharmaceuticals are introduced to help provide safe, infection-free and low-pain care to patients going through unique trials.

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Recognizing and understanding the risks associated with administering controlled substances is the start to your journey of zero drug diversion. Designed for your whole hospital, Cactus helps mitigate drug diversion by rendering controlled substances non-recoverable.

11 retained sponges occur every single day. 1

It can take 10 or more minutes to find a missing sponge. 2

Blood loss is considered a “guesstimate.” 3

41% of a nurse’s workday is spent charting. 4



Our goal is zero drug diversion

SafeAir Compact







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Tip of the needle to end of pencil
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Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir
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0.488 in
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Cactus Smart Sink System is designed to accept partially-administered, non-hazardous liquid pharmaceuticals directly from syringes, vials or IV bags, and features a one-way funnel that accepts non-hazardous tablets, capsules and scored patches.

A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste

A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste

A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste

A better solution for disposing controlled substance waste


  • Eliminates opportunities for drug diversion to occur by rendering substances non-recoverable and unusable.
  • Offers standardization pharmaceutical waste protocol across facility


  • Tamper-proof technology. Automatic alerts. Secure locking system. Triggers notice when cartridges are full or expired.
  • Completely locked system

Count and scan with confidence
Accurately quantify blood loss
Save time searching for missing sponges
Simplify workflow and streamline processes

Count us in on supporting a safer OR. Count us in on certainty when you need it most. Count us in on helping make zero retained surgical sponges the reality for you, your staff and your patients.



Journey to zero drug diversion

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