Nurses in the OR

Nurses in the OR: The Julie Greenhalgh Story

“Together, we can make surgical smoke in an operating room a thing of the past.”

Take the first step toward a smoke-free OR today

Knowing that the journey to a smoke-free facility can seem daunting, Stryker partnered with nurses and hospital staff to create an implementation road map. Is your facility prepared to protect your staff and patients? Contact us to begin your journey to a smoke-free OR today.

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[2] Effective dates: Colorado (May 1, 2021), Illinois and Kentucky (January 1, 2022), Georgia (July 1, 2022), Oregon (January 1, 2023), Minnesota (May 17, 2023), Louisiana (June 1, 2023), New Jersey (June 11, 2023), New York (June 14, 2023), Ohio (July 3, 2023), Missouri (July 6, 2023), California (October 7, 2023), Arizona, Washington, and Connecticut (January 1, 2024), West Virginia (March 22, 2024), Virginia (March 28, 2024).

[3] According to research by McKinsey & Company, by 2025, the United States may be short as many as 200,000 to 450,000 nurses needed to provide direct patient care.

[4] 2021 AORN Guideline forSurgical Smoke Safety.

This is a paid interview with Stryker nurse consultants, conducted on behalf of Stryker.