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blind spots

Challenges of access and visualization in open surgery are solved through intelligent photonics technology.

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The necessity of proper lighting has shown to be crucial to advanced techniques and overall results, yet the continued need to adjust your boom lights, your headlight, and/or your dim fiber optic retractor persists. The time delay alone can compromise the results you strive for.

11 retained sponges occur every single day. 1

It can take 10 or more minutes to find a missing sponge. 2

Blood loss is considered a “guesstimate.” 3

41% of a nurse’s workday is spent charting. 4


Illuminated Instruments

Our goal is zero blind spots

SafeAir Compact







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Device 7
Top to bottom just in front of "cut" button
Side to side
Tip of the needle to end of pencil
Without tubing or wire
Without tubing or wire
Neptune SafeAir
0.488 in
0.488 in
7.50 in
14 gm
0.49 oz

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Lighting the way

Lighting the way

Lighting the way

Lighting the way

Enhanced visualization

  • Differentiating tissue planes and identifying critical structures, to dissect with greater precision, efficiency and safety
  • Spotting bleeders that can lead to post-op hematoma or re-operation
  • Intracavity illumination reduces shadows
  • Enhances ability to see intracavity surgical sponges or other potential retained objects
  • Enhanced visualization helps enable you to perform new or evolutionary surgical procedures
  • Volumetric spread provides even lighting across the cavity without washing out tissue color

Truly distinct technology

  • Nearly 100 patents for Intelligent Photonics Technology. Patient safety recognition from The Joint Commission4
  • Thermally-cool illumination protects against thermal damage to tissues, surgical drapes, etc.5
  • Proprietary design minimizes light loss and heat generation6

Count and scan with confidence
Accurately quantify blood loss
Save time searching for missing sponges
Simplify workflow and streamline processes

Count us in on supporting a safer OR. Count us in on certainty when you need it most. Count us in on helping make zero retained surgical sponges the reality for you, your staff and your patients.



Journey to zero blind spots

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